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Welcome friends, new and old..

I've created this platform to share with you all the way in which I experience and navigate this life as an ACROBAT - ACTIVIST - WOMAN - WITCH - DESIGNER - ENTERTAINER - VISIONARY & VEGAN . My intention is to share uplifting &inspiring pieces of my own world vis-à-vis rituals and ceremonies that I facilitate and take part in, yummy plant based recipes, ways in which I train as a yogi and aerialist, new projects and crafts I'm working on &different avenues to get involved with protecting our planet and reducing our carbon footprints. I believe in living in harmony with nature to the best of my ability while currently residing in the urban jungle.. as well as the inherent power of sacred geometry, indigenous wisdom &plant medicine.. so there will be glimmers of that throughout this blog too!

In honor of the full moon today I would like for that to be the focus of this post.

Every full moon, I celebrate with the ritual of honoring myself &tuning into source (whatever that may be to you- whether you adhere to a particular religion and you view "source" as a specific diety or multiple dieties, maybe it's the highest &best version of your own self, or maybe it's your dog - whatever it is, it's all the same to me).

I begin the day of the full moon by reading the Mystic Mamma astrology report on the particular moon cycle and allow that information to permeate my mind throughout the rest of the day, deciphering what question or questions I want to bring forth later using tarot as my oracle. [The Mystic Mamma report can be found here: http://www.mysticmamma.com/full-moon-in-pisces-september-6th-2017]

After carrying on throughout my day and reflecting on the astrology report, I most often spend the evening of the full moon encapsulated in solitude. I lock myself away in my sanctuary (my bedroom), draw myself a bath, immerse myself in essential oils, sage, palo santo, and the sounds of deep theta healing frequencies, and meditate.

I set a new intention for myself and commit to releasing that which no longer serves me. I believe that I harness my deepest power when I am alone. Too often we find ourselves enmeshed in the lives of others and in sustaining a thriving existence of our own that we forget how to be alone with ourselves and to quiet our minds.


We are all divine instruments in this orchestra of life, what is it that you are projecting and manifesting? What are your limiting belief systems? What do you need to let go of?


I set up an altar space before the ceremony and when these questions arise, I consult my tarot deck. I have a number of different tarot and oracle decks but for divination I most often use my original 1983 Aleister Crowley Thoth deck. I generally reserve this deck for my full moon readings or when asked to give a reading because I find that I gain the deepest, most intuitive insights from this deck.

Much like life itself, Crowley's deck mirrors the duality of light and dark.

On this full moon in Pisces, I invite you to spend some time with yourself and as Mystic Mamma says, access your own deeper realms...

"We have access to our most creative, imaginative and psychically connected selves through our emotional bodies. We are called on to dream and to envision from our deep, inner sacred temples of the heart. Open those portals wide, feel everything there is to feel and let it all dissolve into the sea of life. Now, feel just how you would choose to have your life feel and infuse it with light and power.

...Our suffering comes from separation, the loss of the sacred in our lives, a relationship with that which is greater than ourselves giving meaning and purpose to our lives.

Let nature, music, painting, poetry, dance and your dream life align you with Pisces’ gifts.”

[Pat Liles, ThePowerPath.com]

Please feel free to reach out to me with any inquiries you may have...

Love &Light,

Indigo Wid 🔮⚡️🌹


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