Hello friends, so I just dove right into it with my first post and seeing as this blog may serve as my introduction to some, I feel the need to backtrack a bit...

Allow me to formally introduce myself,

I am an acrobatic, tarot reading, fire wielding dancer &yogi- originally from Detroit but currently working as a performance artist in Las Vegas.

I identify as an Indigo Child and consider myself an Occultist. I have been told that I have Wiccan lineage, which is something I also strongly resonate with.

I believe that a witch is a woman fully in her power. I've felt deeply connected to my intuitive self and nature since as far back as I remember coming into being.

I chose the name "Indigo" because I relate a lot to the color and the metaphysical symbolism. I believe in my own magic. And I do believe I'm gifted. We're all gifted. It's just a matter of learning to tune in. ..And "Wild" because, well, I've always been the wild card. That's just who I am.


In addition to being a performer, I have a degree in Cultural Anthropology and Sex and Gender Studies with specialization in Religious Studies from the University of Michigan. In 2013, I spent some time living in the Ecuadorian Amazon with a tribe (studying the impact of the oil industry on indigenous communities and linguistics) ..but upon returning to the states, I unexpectedly changed trajectories when I began training in the circus arts in Las Vegas.

Albeit the fact that I've chosen to spend a lot of time cultivating my skills as a performer in recent years, my heart remains rooted in activism and protecting our planet- which I fully intend on expanding upon in my next post... but for now, here's some more insight on what it means to be "Indigo" (this official Aura Report was provided by the Mystical Bazaar in Sedona, Arizona).

Before this report, I had been told by numeous individuals that I radiated an "indigo" aura.

In truth, I was almost hesitant to have the report done because I did not want to be told that my aura was not indigo -- as it turns out, it is! You can see the bliss emanating from my face when the biofeedback scanning that was used in this test determined that my aura was, in fact, indigo.

If you're interested in seeing the rest of the report or if for some reason the images are not being displayed in full clarity- please reach out to me at iamindigowild@gmail.com.


"Truth is my Identity"

#indigochild #aurareading #aurareports #spirituality #biofeedbackreading

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