sнα∂σω ωσяк: тнє ραтн σƒ тнє нєαят ωαяяισя

Artwork by Devany Wolfe

Full moon in Aries is upon us amidst a whirlwind of chaos and tragedy that has befallen our Vegas community.

This past Sunday evening terror reigned down at an outdoor concert on the Las Vegas strip resulting in the largest &deadliest gun attack in modern U.S. history.

My heart and deepest condolences go out to everyone affected by the incident.

There is no doubt that for many, this time is a call to action... but I want to gently remind everyone that now is also a time to go within and to examine how we internalize, process and / or project our own hurt and anger. According to the late Carl Jung, "Shadow Work is the path of the heart warrior".

As I mentioned in an earlier post, full moons are a time of deep reflection for me- every month at this time, I sit in solitude and consult tarot as my oracle for the questions that arise. I rely on the Mystic Mamma astral insights to guide me..

The Mystic Mamma astrology report for the full moon that rises tomorrow eve relays..

"This Full Moon in Aries is a call to look at our personal and collective history with anger, aggression, rage, violence &reactivity...

This brings focus to how we communicate with others. Are we diplomatic, tactful, graceful?

Are we taking out our unprocessed anger and rage on others -or are we using partnership and relationship as a mirror to see our own reflection."

[from Divine Harmony, Mystic Mamma]

Furthermore- Mystic Mama begs the questions..

"What can we do about violence?

How can we help our devastated neighbors?

How can we create beauty in our relationships rather than ugliness, while staying true to ourselves?"

[from Cathy Pagano, Mystic Mamma]

Report Link: http://www.mysticmamma.com/full-moon-in-aries-october-5th-2017/


We as humans are innately flawed; the duality of our existence is what makes us appreciate the beauty. Embracing the full spectrum of human emotions and learning to integrate them into a healthy, thriving existence is essential to our well-being.

What do you do when you feel anger arise?

I personally channel a lot of my emotions through movement.

I tend to gravitate towards movement in the form of yoga, aerial, flow arts, or dance.

Purging my soul on the dance floor that is my living room on a Tuesday morning while no one is around... or on the stages and dance floors of nightclubs and festivals across the country.. is one of the most freeing and transformative experiences for me.

I've found that dancing with fire is also incredibly cathartic.

I especially love working with fire under the full moon- it feels primal and true to my wild nature to honor the elements in this way. Fire represents light in the darkness- I allow it to illuminate me &burn away everything that no longer serves me.


In addition to movement, I often reflect upon a mantra or affirmation and repeat it over and over throughout my day, a prayer to myself and to the universe..

The following mantra came to me during my yoga practice the morning after the attack &has been in my mind's eye ever since...

мαy ρєα¢є ρяєναιl ιη тнє нєαятs σƒ αll тнσsє тнαт ιηнαвιт тнιs єαятн.


During these turbulent times, be compassionate with yourself and do not hesitate to reach out for help if needed- healing from trauma is an ongoing process and YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

I am willing to hold space for anyone at any time...

You can get in touch with me at iamindigowild@gmail.com. 🔮⚡️🌹

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